Brand Story


“Bel’Océane” means “beautiful ocean” in French.

In 1988, a French biologist, Dr. Gabriel Ruffinoni, who was interested in the similarities between human blood and sea water, started researching marine biology.

Based on his own philosophy, which is that everything humans need can be found in nature, he did research for 15 years to solve various skin problems by harnessing active marine ingredients for use on skin cells.

Finally, he developed Transdermarine™, a unique and innovative technology that allows active marine ingredients to penetrate the deepest layers of skin cells. It was the beginning of the Bel’Océane story.


Bel’Océane Laboratories developed the most active marine peel-off mask, Masqu’Océane®, by utilizing Transdermarine ™ which allows active marine ingredients to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin cells.

Masqu’Océane® represents a new generation of skin-care masks. The power of Transdermarine™ makes it possible for users, even with a single application, to instantly feel the beautifying effects of regeneration, revitalization, and rejuvenation. The healing cosmetic effects of the mask’s special formulation can remedy a vast range of skin problems.